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Running a small or medium-sized charity can be a messy business. The Boiling Frog is here to help.


My name is Jenny Hopkins and welcome to The Boiling Frog blog. It’s great to have you here if, like me, you care deeply about the future sustainability of small and medium-sized charities and voluntary groups which serve to support disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

The Boiling Frog aims to raise important and occasionally difficult questions about the role of these vital organisations in society today. But it seeks to do more than that. I want to share with you the knowledge I have picked up over the years as a charity CEO, researching, implementing and refining the tools which may help you as a leader of your own organisation.

Until recently I was CEO of a medium-sized charity and, having previously always worked in the private sector, the experience was a revelation. My ten years there were as rewarding as they were challenging. We transformed what was, in many ways, a very traditional and unexciting set-up into a vibrant and highly respected nonprofit organisation. Almost all the original team stayed the course, and in contributing to the turnaround, their outlook and motivation blossomed. The charity grew to be a contract partner of choice for the local authority and health trusts, an employer of choice for jobseekers, and above all, a trusted go-to place for its many beneficiaries.

Success didn’t come easily. In fact, often it felt like we were operating under almost impossible pressures. To survive, let alone thrive, required new thinking within the organisation itself, and – no less important – the patience and determination to create a more mutually respectful relationship with funding organisations, including public sector commissioners.

My experience wasn’t unique; indeed, I would go so far as to say it’s typical of what many leaders of small and medium-sized charities face today. I left on a personal high but also with a burning passion to do more: as the temperature of the sector ‘saucepan’ is rising, The Boiling Frog blog is one way I can help other ‘frog’ friends.

I also recognise that some of you may want more, that you may be looking for one-to-one help with issues your organisation is facing right now.  In my capacity as an adviser to senior managers and as a trustee of two other charities, I specialise in business planning and strategy. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of getting these right.

If you would like help on any aspect of charity leadership or governance, do please get in touch.  Working closely and individually with your organisation is a paid-for service, but I am confident of the difference I can make so it comes at no risk to you: if by the end of our time together you are not happy with the contribution I have made to your organisation, then you pay nothing. It’s that simple. 

The Boiling Frog is about sharing an honesty about our voluntary and community sector today. What’s amazing about it and where it needs to start changing. If you like what you read here and you want to start that one-to-one conversation about turning your own organisation’s challenges into opportunities, drop me a line via the Contact page and let’s start talking.

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