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I also welcome guest writers as a way of providing fresh insights and a broader perspective. Whether you are a senior manager in a not-for-profit, a funder, or simply someone who shares my interest, please do get in touch with your idea.  I will need to verify your details at the contact stage, but if you prefer that your article is published anonymously or under a pseudonym, that’s fine; if you refer to specific individuals or organisations, identities will always be hidden. The aim of The Boiling Frog is to be thought provoking and ultimately to drive change; I don’t believe we will achieve that by naming and shaming. 

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    Troubleshooting a tired or difficult board of trustees

    Troubleshooting a tired or difficult board of trustees

    I have been lucky enough to work with – and on – some good boards in the charity sector. That may surprise you, given that trustees generally come in for a lot of flak – not least from their own CEOs and senior managers. The thing is, good boards don’t happen overnight. You achieve them with patience, care and forethought.

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