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Help for smaller charities when you need it most

Tools for Charities: your one-stop shop for templates, tools and personalised support

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Charity consultant Jenny Hopkins leaning against a brick wall.

Hi, I'm Jenny Hopkins

When I became CEO of a local charity, I swiftly realised there was very little practical support for people like me. Whether I was writing an operational plan for the first time, or mulling over how to get the most from my board of trustees, any help out there seemed vague or designed for leaders of bigger charities with more resources at their disposal. I was determined that when the time was right, I would commit to helping others in the same situation.

So newbie leaders and managers of small and micro charities, Tools for Charities is for you.  It links you to templates, worksheets and checklists it took me years to develop whilst transforming one small charity into an award-winning organisation. Since then, I have been sharing that learning and helping others to succeed too.

This unique resource has one goal: to help you achieve tasks more quickly, more easily, and hopefully with a lot less stress.  In short, it delivers you the gift of time.

"Jenny inspires trust and enables honest discussion"

—  Tessa S.  —
Charity Senior Manager

Dark Rocks

Five challenges leaders of smaller charities face
'Tools for Charities' to the rescue!

"Working overtime is the norm..."

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"I need to help my Board of Trustees understand their role better."

"I want to work more effectively, I just don't know how..."

"My Charity feels under resourced and under staffed."

"I worry about my Charity's financial sustainability"

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