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The Boiling Frog

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The story behind the name


There's a well known parable which says that if you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will immediately try to climb out. However, if you place it in warm water and turn up the heat very slowly, it doesn't perceive the danger it's in. The frog stays in the saucepan and eventually boils to death*.

The moral of this story is that it isn't just frogs which sometimes fail to detect change until it's too late.

Today the temperature of the voluntary and community sector 'saucepan' is rising. There is more competition for funding; less money to go round; more pressure to be business-like; less tolerance when things don't go to plan.  


My goal is to help you succeed by sharing a library of tools, strategies and one-to-one support.  In short, to help you leap towards a more sustainable future.

*Biologists have disputed how true this is, but we love frogs so please don't try it at home.


"Jenny has been a safe listening ear, a mentor, a sounding board and a role model."

Louise W. (Charity CEO)

"Enabled us to tackle some of the more difficult questions around mission that we had been avoiding."

Emma G. (Charity CEO)

"Jenny has the rare skill of being able to distil down difficult & complex matters into logical, succinct reports."

Peter M. (Trustee)

Don't go it alone! Whether you're using the Basic plan or looking for personalised mentoring, The Boiling Frog is here to help. Contact me today and

let's get started.

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