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Hello from the lily pad! So, here's where you get to unlock the power of 'Tools for Charities' and boost your productivity. From today! Our Basic Plan is a game-changer, providing unlimited access at absolutely no cost. Sign up now to grab your first how-to guide instantly. Stay in the loop as I continue to enhance these resources and add new how-to guides over time.

But wait, there's more! UPGRADE TO PRO and elevate to a whole new level of performance. Say goodbye to countless hours wasted on creating materials from scratch for meetings and workshops. With my unique and professionally crafted, ready-to-use working materials, including presentation slides and templates (depending on the task), you'll never look back.

Choose the plan that suits your needs, and embark on a journey of success with me. 

I've got your back every step of the way!




Sign up and start using Tools for Charities today.

Valid for 12 months

Basic Plan

Sign up and start using 'Tools for Charities' FOR FREE today! Make it your regular go-to resource for 'How-to' Guides covering many of the key tasks charity leaders are asked to do. 'Tools for Charities' is designed specifically for senior managers of smaller charities. Guaranteed to save you hours searching for inspiration.

Benefit from:

  • Fast access to expert resources.

  • 'How to' guides on a wide range of tasks.

  • Gaining knowledge and skills from other charity professionals.

  • No more worries where to start on key tasks.

  • Regularly updated with new material.





Unlock professionally crafted materials. Instantly.

Valid for 12 months

PRO Plan

Step up to the next level with Tools for Charities. PRO means that in addition to the 'How-to' guides you can:

  • Instantly download ready-to-use presentation slides and templates.

  • Save hours on creating your own working materials from scratch.

  • Feel confident that the materials you use have been honed by an experienced charity professional.

  • Access regularly updated and more tools added on an ongoing basis.

  • Receive full access to our PRO library for a year.

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